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Hip & Knee

Hip & Knee

Hip and knee pain can often be caused by arthritis leading to impaired mobility and a decrease in quality of life.  By offering a progressive approach and utilizing advanced technology, our hip and knee surgeons provide patients with smaller incisions, quicker recovery, and lower risk of complications.  Dr. Michael Higgins, Dr. Colin Kingston, Dr. Loel Payne and Dr. Nicholas Sablan offer surgical procedures for both the hip and knee.


Inflammatory Arthritis of the Hip

Inflammatory arthritis of the hip is a type of arthritis can affect people of all ages and can develop without any wear and tear.  When the cartilage breaks down the bones begin to rub directly against each other. Inflammatory Arthritis can be treated with medicine, physical therapy, or assisted walking.  If these do not alleviate the pain the surgeon will develop a plan that is appropriate for the individual patient.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear (ACL Tear)

This injury is a tearing of the ACL ligament in the knee joint connecting the femur to the tibia.  An ACL tear usually occurs during athletic activity but can tear during abrupt movements. A common symptom is a popping sound or sensation at the time of injury.  Non-surgical options can include crutches, braces, and physical therapy. Active patients most frequently need surgical intervention.

Meniscus Tear

A meniscus tear is a common injury of the knee.  Physical activity, twisting or rotating the knee suddenly, kneeling, and heavy lifting can all cause a tear.  Conservative treatment options can include rest, ice, and physical therapy. If conservative options do not alleviate the pain surgery is often recommended.


Hip Athroscopy

Hip arthroscopy is a procedure is use for an internal examination of the hip joint.  The hip is placed in traction and the instruments are inserted into small incisions. Some problems can be repaired during the arthroscopy.  Larger problems may require open surgery. A walker or a cane may be recommended while the patient heals. Physical therapy is often recommended.

ACL Reconstruction (Patellar Tendon Graft Technique)

ACL reconstruction is a procedure to repair the knee after an ACL tear.  This surgery can allow patients to regain normal knee function. The surgeon will create small incisions to allow for a scope to be inserted to allow the surgeon to be able to see within the knee.  The graft is inserted where the ACL once was, and overtime new tissue will grow along the graft strengthening the joint. Patients may receive a brace or split and be given crutches. Physical therapy is often recommended. 

Meniscus Repair (Arthroscopic Technique)

Meniscus repair is a procedure repairs the knee after a meniscus tear.  The surgeon will create small incisions to allow for a scope to be inserted to allow the surgeon to be able to see within the joint.  The surgeon will evaluate the meniscus. If the meniscus is badly torn or in a section that is not likely to heal well, they may choose to remove the damaged portion.  Physical therapy is often recommended.

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