Back & Neck

Back & Neck

Back & Neck

Back and neck surgery may be recommended to address damage arising from a variety of causes, including trauma, wear and tear, and the aging process.  If conservative treatments have proven to be ineffective, our board-certified back and neck surgeon, Dr. Jonathan Mason, offers surgical options for his patients to address a variety of medical conditions. 

Spine Surgical Procedures

Anterior Cervical Discectomy & Fusion (ACDF)

Anterior Cervical Discectomy & Fusion removes a herniated or degenerated vertebral disc in the neck and replaces it with a bone graft.  For the procedure patients are placed on their back. The surgeon will remove the damaged disc and leave a space for the graft to be implanted.  As patients heal new bone will grow and the graft will become permanently attached to the vertebrae.

Cervical Laminaplasty

Cervical Laminaplasty creates more space for the spinal cord and nerve roots due to spinal stenosis.  For the procedure patients are placed face down. This creates more space in the spinal canal immediately relieving pressure from the spinal cord.  A soft cervical collar may be used, and physical therapy may be recommended.

Spinal Fusion (Lumbar)

When two or more vertebral bones are joined together that is a spinal fusion.  To create a fusion the surgeon uses a bone graft. Hardware is used to lock the vertebrae together and the graft is placed against the vertebrae.  A brace may be used to stabilize the spine and physical therapy may be recommended.

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