Hand & Wrist

Hand & Wrist

Hand & Wrist

Hand and wrist injuries can result from a variety of stressors including positioning, force, repetition, and duration.  When non-surgical therapy and interventions have been exhausted, hand or wrist surgery may be recommended. Dr. Robert Campolattaro board-certified hand surgeon joined by Dr. Robert Mason, an upper extremity specialist.


Carpal Tunnel Release (Open Technique)

The carpal tunnel release procedure is used to release pain in the median nerve.  A small incision is made at the base of the palm. At the end of the procedure the wrist and hand will be bandaged, and patients may receive a brace.  Specialized hand therapy will be recommended.

Distal Radius Fracture Repair with Volar Plate

The distal radius fracture with volar plate uses a metal plate to stabilize a fracture in the radius of the wrist.  The broken bones are carefully realigned, and the metal plate is inserted. The arm is bandaged and placed in a splint.  After the swelling from the surgery has gone down the patient will be placed in a cast or a brace. Specialized hand therapy will be recommended. 

Trigger Digit Release

Trigger digit release is a minimally invasive procedure to allow the affected digit to flex and extend normally.  A small incision is made in the palm of the hand to expose the affected tendon. The incision will not negatively affect finger function.  Finger motion and hand therapy is encouraged after surgery.

Wrist Arthroscopy

Wrist arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure allows surgeons to evaluate and treat injuries and disorders of the wrist.  The surgeon will inject fluid into the joint and use a camera to visualize and evaluate the wrist for signs of damage. Loose cartilage may be removed, ligament tears treated, and bone may be shortened. 

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